We are a privately owned group of companies headquartered in The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Through our Center of Excellence in Slovenia (Ljubljana) we offer a wide range of Business Process Outsource services (“BPO”). Depending on your organization’s needs, we can partner with you as your administrator, accountant, corporate secretary or back-office services provider.
By partnering with us, we help organizations to concentrate on maximizing core business activities and minimizing non-core business activities with competitive cost advantage. This leads to position your business for growth. Bakerfield Group adds value by providing your business reliable and tailor-made business process outsource solutions. Meeting our clients’ specific needs is important for us. Our dedicated and highly-skilled staff shares this philosophy and is ready to be of assistance. Offering tailor-made solutions fitting each unique situation, using the appropriate features of the above mentioned services, is our goal.


We serve European based SME and corporate enterprises in various industries seeking flexible solutions in a “nearshore” jurisdiction for efficiency and quality control reasons. Although cost-cutting can be a driver, outsourcing critical business functions has also a strategic impact. We help organizations to focus on their core business, and minimize their non-core activities. Our clients are looking for a personal approach and not for a service industry where they are just a number. They do not benefit from hidden fees, but from useful solutions and transparent costs. Our clients look for quick and high-quality services. In short: it is time to go back to the basics. We at Bakerfield Group are convinced that this is the only way to establish a pleasant and long lasting relationship with our clients; therefore mutual opportunities can be explored at best.

The main reasons for outsourcing critical business functions to Bakerfield Group are:


Like our clients, we at Bakerfield Group are allergic to delivery issues. Therefore we always strive for providing the highest level of services. From experience we know what our clients drives and how we can be of added value to their organizations.
Our dedicated and passionate team of professionals is prepared to be of assistance. Through our Center of Excellence in Ljubljana we offer:

  • Highly-skilled multi-lingual staff with professional qualifications in accounting and legal.
  • Internal procedures and training guaranteeing fast and high level service delivery.
  • Transparent fee structure, no hidden fees or spontaneous work delivery.
  • Tailored solutions in order to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Single Point of Contact (SPoC).
  • First class IT infrastructure, IT flexibility.
  • Excellent “nearshore” solution for European based companies (one and half hour flight from major financial hubs e.g. Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Geneva).


Our mission is to make use of the opportunities which globalization and new technologies offer and leverage these to the maximum on behalf of our clients. Our experience and dedicated staff strives to offer the best business outsourcing solutions across diversified areas of business expertise. We help our clients to focus on their core business.



We provide practical, fast and down-to-earth solutions. We want to know what drives our clients and take this as a starting point. Difficulties or problems should be regarded as opportunities and challenges, which we would like to expand together with our client. Developing a long lasting relationship is our number one priority, based on a personal approach, quality and transparency.


Corporate citizenship
Bakerfield Group has developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that we believe aligns with our values and maximizes the impact we can make as a multinational Business Process Outsourcing company. We focus on specific collective issues, including the environment, community economic development and sports.

Employee well-being and diversity
Employee well-being is incorporated in every aspect of Bakerfield Group’s business, from our strategic and business planning to our operations in our Center of Excellence. We also have a longstanding commitment to employee diversity and consider this as a competitive advantage in serving our global clients.

Bakerfield Group is an equal opportunity employer, consisting of people from many diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and locations.


Bakerfield Group was established in 2008 with offices in Ljubljana and Amsterdam by Dutch and Slovenian legal, tax and finance professionals, serving multinational companies involved in cross-border transactions focusing on South-East Europe. Over the years, Bakerfield has emerged and grown into a Business Process Outsourcing services provider assisting a wide variety of companies seeking optimization of their critical business processes.

“In short: it is time to go back to the basics. We are convinced that this is the only way to establish a pleasant and long lasting relationship with our clients, where opportunities can be explored at best.”